HTC Nexus Sailfish Live Images leaks out!

HTC Nexus Sailfish Live Images leaks out!


Nexus season is finally here, And with it, We are finally seeing the new 2016 Nexus smartphones in the flesh. 

Yesterday, We Just saw a new Real Blurred Image of Nexus Sailfish ( Uploaded by a New Twitter user ) and accordingly The Nexus Sailfish was a cross between the Nexus 4 & iPhone with glass and fingerprint scanner on the back.

Today, AndroidPolice has leaked new set of Images claiming that It's definitely Nexus Sailfish.Though The Images are Well Cropped.

The Nexus Sailfish Almost looks like AndroidPolice's render Image. According to them, Both Marlin and Sailfish will feature same design apart from size and battery, Both will be metal body

We have already seen first real Image of Nexus Marlin, protected by heavy case. 

via AndroidPolice

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