Moto E3 Power is out!

The new Moto E3 was announced some weeks ago, but now the E3 Power was released in Hong Kong!

This is the year of Motorola! At least it seems so... we've seen three Moto G4 devices, two Moto Zs and it seems we will get two Moto E3 devices this year!

The new Moto E3 Power has gone on sale in Hong Kong for $140 dollars and it's a "maxx" version of the Moto E3 announced some weeks ago. Motorola powered this phone with a 3500mAH monster battery while other specs remain the same.

The E3 Power comes with a 5" HD screen, a front facing speaker and a quad-core MediaTek processor with 2GB of RAM. And it will run Marshmallow, with a quick update to Android 7.0 most likely.

XT1706 is its model number and we will know more about it soon. Will you choose this over the regular Moto E3?

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