Motorola shades Samsung and we are loving it!

Motorola shades Samsung and we are loving it!


Motorola took over Twitter today to accuse Samsung of copying one of Moto's best features. It was a very direct accusation. And we are loving it.

As you know, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features an "Always On Display" app, with a similar concept to Moto phones. Motorola introduced its Active Display back in 2013 with the Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini devices, and later on to the Moto X.

And although many Nokia fans are saying Active Display was a stolen concept from Nokia's smartphones, Motorola flip phones from 2004 had an always-on clock which showed notifications. Here's what Moto US account tweeted:

Oh, snap! That's some true shade thrown at Sammy. Motorola also took a chance to promote the Moto Z Droid, of course. We would love to see Samsung reply something, but until then... #SamsungIsOverParty 


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