Codenamed "Kung-Fu", Lenovo Moto M will be released Globally

According to new information we got, Lenovo Moto M will not be only China exclusive. The Smartphone will be available Globally and will be launched later this year.
Codenamed "Kung-Fu", Lenovo Moto M will be available Globally

A few weeks back we reported that Lenovo is working on a Moto Smartphone that will feature a rear fingerprint sensor and the same Smartphone later on passed through Tenna, confirming our reported design. Moreover we leaked first real life images of Motorola Lenovo Moto M. 

We got new information about its release. Apparently, it might not be a Chinese exclusive after all, as we now know there is a "international version" in the works, though it's likely to remain as an Asian exclusive

Lenovo Moto M will be codenamed "Kung-Fu". There's going to be two model no. of Lenovo Moto M i.e XT1662 and XT1663. The XT1663 is probably the international version, while the XT1662 is for China.

The new Moto M sports a full HD 5.5" display, a MediaTek processor with 4GB of RAM, and a 16/8MP camera set up. 


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