Snapchat Announced Some Big Changes

Snapchat Announced Some Big Changes


Some big changes were announced by Snapchat on Saturday. The company is changing its name to Sanp Inc. ; The reason behind the name is that the company would bring some more products in near future.

Snapchat is going to release its first hardware product , Called Spectacles . You can record videos with it ! . Don't be serious no one can spy on you as, right by the lens there is a light that turns on which alerts people that the glasses are recording .

By pressing the recording button one can record video for 10 seconds.  You can use it for maximum 30-seconds of recording at once , you can tap the button three - times to record a 30-seconds video. No issue of battery , it will run all day. There consist of Portable charging case 

Price to be expected at $129.99, Spectacles will be offered in black, teal or coral. Snapchat's CEO "Evan Spiegel" calls it a toy, but also mention that it is different than using a smartphone camera to shoot video for several reasons. It uses a wider 115-degree-angle lens. Videos can be wirelessly sent to smartphones thats good enough to share it on social media sites .

Spiegel says that Snap is planning on a slow rollout. "It’s about us figuring out if it fits into people’s lives and seeing how they like it".

We will let you know , as soon as Snapchat Inc. launches it. Stay Tuned.


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