Motorola: If you can update the Moto G4 Play, then what's the problem in updating Moto G3/Turbo?

Motorola: If you can update the Moto G4 Play, then what's the problem in updating Moto G3/Turbo?


A day back, Motorola revealed its plans to update Moto Devices to Android 7.0 Nougat. The expected devices that were missing from the list were 2015 Moto G, Moto G Turbo edition, 2016 Moto E3 and Moto E3 Power. 

The Moto E3 and E3 Power will probably get listed later on, but What about Moto G 3rd Generation and Moto G Turbo edition? This is unacceptable, The best selling 2015 smartphone is seeing software support dropCould it be a result of the Lenovo acquisition and subsequent job cuts? Seems It certainly could.

Motorola either needs to commit to updating the 2015 Moto G smartphones, or it needs to stop selling it. 

Also Forget that thing that "Moto G3 cannot run Android Nougat because of its specifications". If The Moto G4 Play which is not that popular smartphone and features same specifications as the 2015 Moto G3 is getting Nougat update, then what's the problem in updating the G3? Moreover The Moto G Turbo edition which was expected to get Nougat is missing from the list. 

Let's take a few, select quotes from Motorola users and see what they think-

Moto g 3rd gen is best budget phone ever!! And 7.0 naugot update was not listed by Motorola to moto g 3 . I got angry on Motorola I next move was not to buy Motorola phones !! Their cheating the people in form of software updates. Prashanth Reddy Nalla

Next move on moto is stop publishing and promoting such brand and their products and stop buying such idiotic products!!! Stupid lenovo-moto - Puppala Raj Kumar

Years a fan but now its time to jump ship, didnt expect this, no update for moto g turbo which is not even a year old .. Bye Bye Moto -  Vishal Kadakia

Nougat should run on Moto G Turbo Edition, I'm feeling so angry on moto!!!! - Samz Msd

This is cheating moto g3 and moto g turbo are popular phones .Motorola compulsory give the Nougat update to these phones. -Uday Kumar Chaduvula

Do you hear that, Motorola or Lenovo? Either update your Smartphones or stop selling them and start loosing your customers! 


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