Exclusive: rear e-ink display Moto Mod

Exclusive: rear e-ink display Moto Mod


Months back, A whole new concept with innovative design "Moto Z" and "Moto Mods" were launched by Lenovo and Motorola. With this innovation Motorola took the Smartphone word to whole new level and probably shook the Smartphone industry.

The Swapable "Moto Mods" which gets easily attached to Moto Z through 16 magnetic pins makes Moto Z a Semi-modular Smartphone. For now there are 5 "Moto Mods" namely "JBL SoundBoost", "Moto Insta-Share Projector", "Hasselblad True Zoom", "Incipio offGRID Power Pack" and Moto Style Shell.

Lenovo and Motorola also allows Developers to participate and develop their own Moto Mods via Moto Mods development kit. 

According to a new information we got from our Source, Motorola is working on a new E-Ink display Moto Mod. Yes! You heard it right. Just Like Yotaphone, The Moto Z will be able to project the e-ink Screen on the rear. 

Exclusive: New rear e-ink display Moto Mod

This new Moto Mod will covert the rear of Moto Z to a secondary e-ink display. Above Image is the prototype of upcoming e-ink display Moto Mod that will get attached to the Moto Z, projecting the secondary screen.


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