Moto E3 + Motorola Pulse Max special edition bundle

Moto E3 + Motorola Pulse Max special edition bundle


Some months ago, Motorola launched the third generation Moto E3 (and E3 Power in Asia). Now, Moto and Binatone, who owns the Motorola accessories division since last year, have teamed up to release a special edition of the Moto E3, which will include the latest Motorola Pulse Max headphones.

The new Pulse Max is a wired headset with awesome design and sound quality that comes in a variety of colors. It was released in India some months ago and it's just reached Europe. The black Moto E3 bundle will come with the black Pulse Max while there will also be a white bundle. The bundle even comes with new packaging, which you can see below:

In order to promote the new Motorola accessories and to add some value to the E3 line, this bundle is offered for free (on a 2 year contract) or for £99 in the UK, and you can get it right here.

Though we have no information about this bundle being released worldwide, Binatone and Motorola Mobility have a strong partnership, so we might see more bundles like this one very soon.

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