Motorola's awesome new Ad

Motorola's awesome new Ad


Motorola just uploaded a new video to promote the Moto Z and its MotoMods platform. The new minute long ad is actually very cool, featuing classic Motorola elements like the iconic "Hellomoto" phrase, the batwing being shown everywhere, and platinum blonde models that remind us of those old MotoRazr ads. 

The ad talks about how innovative the Moto Z is in a world where innovation had been stuck since 2007. Check it out here:

The colorful ad even gives Motorola some recognition at the end of it, saying "Moto branded products are designed and manufactured by Motorola", a Lenovo subsidiary. This hadn't been shown since Lenovo's integration of Motorola. 

But it seems that after ten months since the rebranding strategy and a new visual identity, they saw it's the opportunity to clarify that Motorola and its iconic elements (Motorola logo, hellomoto phrase, and so on) are here to stay.

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