This is what 2017 Moto Smartphone will look like

This is what 2017 Moto Smartphone will look like


Remember we talked about a phone some weeks ago? It could either be 2017's Moto X, the next-gen Moto-M or the upcoming Moto C (HelloMotoHK leaked the roadmap names, remember?).

What we have here is a render we made ourselves to give you a better look of this upcoming device, which potentially looks like the Moto X 2017. We already know it's an all-metal phone, with a similar camera set-up to the Moto Z series (even the flat tire). Check it out:

The device kind of reminds us of the original Droid Turbo/Moto Turbo/Moto Maxx from 2014, and it actually looks pretty good. We don't have much specs for the device, although we know it will have a front fingerprint scanner like Moto Z has and will come in Silver and Gold color, from the size of the hands in the leaked picture it comes with a small-ish screen, most likely a 5.2" screen or less. 

Whatever device it is, it sure looks like 2017 will be an interesting year for Moto.

Note:- The render is based on what our source told us and the above leaked Image, the actual design may vary. 

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