Rumor: Motorola's 2017 roadmap includes Moto X comeback and a new Moto C

Rumor: Motorola's 2017 roadmap includes Moto X comeback and a new Moto C


Rumor: Motorola's 2017 roadmap includes Moto X comeback and a new Moto C

Get excited, world. Moto is here. That's what Motorola's latest campaign says. And we should be excited, indeed. HellomotoHK has now leaked the names of all the upcoming devices for the next year.

This includes the typical Moto G, Moto Z, Moto E devices we've seen this year, and those series might be split into Play, Force, Droid and Plus editions. The list also includes the newly announced Moto M series and the iconic Moto X series, which might make a comeback next year. There's also a Moto C, and we feel that name screams low-end smartphone. The full list shows these devices:

  • Moto Z - Motorola
  • Moto X - Lenovo
  • Moto M - Lenovo
  • Moto G - Motorola / Lenovo
  • Moto E - Lenovo / ODM
  • Moto C - Lenovo / ODM

From what we can tell, the Motorola team will be in charge of designing and engineering the Moto Z and Moto G series as always, though the other devices will be handled by Lenovo teams. Everything will be under Motorola Mobility, the company, though. Since late 2015, Motorola has been in charge of designing and manufacturing all the Lenovo MBG devices and this remains.

HellomotoHK also said yesterday's Moto M is in fact a Lenovo project. But from the packaging leaks from previous weeks you can see it says the phone was made by Motorola Mobility. Too hard to understand? Here is a shorter explanation: all Moto phones are still manufactured by Motorola Mobility, though Lenovo teams are working inside Motorola to create the new Moto X, Moto M, Moto E and Moto C devices. Why so many devices? That's because Moto(rola) will be the only Lenovo brand for smartphones from now on.

As for the Moto 360? Well, we know smartwatches haven't been as successful as expected. HellomotoHK said in the comments section that Motorola might sell that business or license the brand rights for watches next year. Knowing Motorola sold its accessories division last year to Binatone, that could possibly be the new home for Moto 360 devices, though nothing is confirmed.



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