Moto Z Droid gets Android Nougat update

Moto Z Droid gets Android Nougat update


Hello Nougat...errr... Hello Moto! The new Moto Z smartphones are getting Android 7.0 in the US right now. Today, some users reported they got the update so it should be pushed to all Moto Z Droid and Z Force Droid smartphones in the country.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that the update doesn't include the new boot animation Moto has been teasing these weeks, so it seems that only the GSM versions will be getting that cool power-on animation.

Android Nougat brings split-screen mode, fast app switching, Daydream VR support, brings new emojis, and a much improved battery life.

Though there is no clue on when the rest of the Moto Zs outside the US are getting the update, Motorola promised it would come this quarter, so expect it to arrive soon.


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