Motorola Coin unboxing and first impressions

Motorola Coin unboxing and first impressions


Our Motorola Connect Coin has just arrived! The new smart tag from Binatone, the new owner of the Motorola Accessories division, promises to be a very handy little device. We were curious to see what it would come with and how it worked, so here's our unboxing and first impressions of the device.

The front of the box has a clear window to the product and shows the dedicated app, which will let you sync and set-up your Coin with your phone. This will let you use your Coin as a multimedia button and will also let you send alerts to your beloved ones if you are in danger. It will let you find your keys/bag/purse straight from the app, too.

The back of the box shows all its main features, like replaceable battery, 300 days of standby, and a range of 100 feet. It will also show you as official website, not, since accessories are not made by the Lenovo-owned Motorola Mobility. All home products and mobile accessories are sold on the Motorola Home website. 

As you would expect, the box comes with very little inside. What you see is what you get, in the end. Yes, there are some user guides, a small tool to replace the battery, and a little Connect Coin pendant, but nothing else. 

Finally, the product itself, in all its glory. The Coin is small, compact and light. Our unit is black, though there's a wide variety of colors available. It comes with the classic Motorola dimple and feels very premium quality. It's wide notification light is bright and will be useful after paired with the dedicated app.

Overall, it's a pretty impressive device. It's just so little! We will keep testing it to see how useful it is, but our early impressions are very good. Hellomoto indeed!

Thanks, Harshith!


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