Motorola Pulse Max now in three new colors

Motorola Pulse Max now in three new colors


The Motorola Accessories division, now under new owner, Binatone Global, seems to be on a roll. We talked about the Motorola Coin yesterday, but now we have something else to show you: the new Pulse Max color versions!

Yeah, it might not be as exciting as yesterday's wearable device, but hey...there are three new colors for the Pulse Max, making it five available colors. The new versions will come in blue, red, and purple.

The Motorola Pulse Max features a 40nm driver, according to Motorola Accessories, and its earheadphones isolate ambient sound. Plus, it's light and its ear cups rotate. The Max was released in India and the UK some time ago, and it's reaching more countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia right now. No word on US availability, though.

Here are the individual pictures of each color. Which one will you choose?

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