Rumor: Moto will be the only Lenovo mobile brand

Rumor: Moto will be the only Lenovo mobile brand


From Moto G4 and G4 Plus launch event in Japan.
Moto(rola) has had quite a year. First, it was announced the brand would be phased out. Then, all the executive team we knew was either changed or left the company. Then we've saw most of the tech sites jump on the hate bandwagon. And after a couple heart attacks like those, we saw most of it was false and that Motorola was still alive, launching amazing smartphones like the Moto Z with MotoMods.

Now, there's a new rumor in the house, that suggests Lenovo will stop using its own brand in smartphones and only keep the Moto brand. HellomotoHK was the one who reported this, and he's had a great record at leaking information and pictures.

He said Lenovo would announce a change in its MBG executive team, chaning its co-President. This was before Lenovo's financial report came out, and one of the announcements was that one. If the rest is true, then we will see many Motorola phones coming next year, which is good for us, fans.

And it would also mean we won't see Vibe or ZUK phones in the future. Everything might turn into Moto G, E, Z and so on. Or maybe, just maybe, they keep those brands and combine them with Moto, having MotoVIBE, for example. Who knows? Everything is possible.

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