Moto G5 renders leaked online, not Moto X (update)

Moto G5 renders leaked online, not Moto X (update)


OnLeaks and Android Authority have just released a few renders of an upcoming phone. They are calling it Moto X (2017) but it's not. This is the same mid-range or even low-end XT1670 phone that passed through the FCC weeks ago.

UPDATE: HelloMotoHK has revealed it's not Moto X nor Moto C. But it's the phone that passed the FCC days ago, codenamed "CEDRIC".

See? Same round camera bump. Plus, if you look at the renders and the leaked pictures of that phone, do you really think it looks premium enough with those big bezels and rather-small size to be called Moto X 2017? 

The truth is that when pictures of a phone leak in October and an upcoming phone is approved by the FCC on December, we are talking about the same phone.

Here are the renders OnLeaks made based on the leaked images:


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