New Motorola codenamed "Cedric" leaks!?

New Motorola codenamed "Cedric" leaks!?


Another day, another Moto leak! We can't complain, though...we love seeing Motorola making headlines. You thought the Moto World would stay quiet after the Moto M release? Think twice!

Roland Quandt from WinFuture shared a tweet leaking some information about the new Motorola XT1670/71/75/76. The new device is codenamed "Cedric" and will come with Nougat, Dual Sim support, a 2800mAH battery and 2 gigs of RAM.

You can read his tweet here:

Although it's too early to speculate, it seems we are talking about a low-end phone, which might be next year's Moto C or a new Moto E3 variant (HellomotoHK leaked the entire roadmap of 2017 Moto phones some weeks ago, remember?). 

No matter what phone it is, this leak tells us Moto is working hard and will launch many smartphones in the coming months. Maybe at CES or MWC?


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