Vote for your favorite Smartphone brand of 2016

Vote for your favorite Smartphone brand of 2016


So many things happened in the tech world this year! Earlier this year, we saw HTC make its tenth comeback with the HTC 10, while Samsung continued on its Galaxy S success with the S7. At the same time LG tried to claim the "modularity King" title while Motorola gave them a run for their money with the Moto Z series. 

And that's not half of the story! Lenovo impressed us with its Tango phone while Google released its Pixel, with Huawei even admitting they were the original manufacturers for it and that the Nexus phones have never succeed. And while we wait for Nokia's comeback next year, the mid-tier and low-end categories got really competitive this year. We saw Motorola expand its G, E and M lines (and the last remaining Lenovo Vibe phones), while Sony and LG moved to the X series, releasing many phones under the X brand. Samsung and Huawei continued world dominance with their Galaxy and Honor series, but OnePlus became a household name. 

If we move out of Android, we enter the scary Apple space. We saw a cheaper iPhone earlier this year, remember? Then Apple released the iPhone 7 series and sold millions of it, as always. Samsung tried to compete with this new iPhone but its Note 7 went down as one of the biggest disasters in tech history after exploding and making them lose millions. 

Now it's time for our readers to choose which brand released the best phones of the year. You can only pick one!

Best Smartphone brand of 2016


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