Mico, A Modular Battery Centric Moto Mod with Solar Cell to Launch of February 5

Mico, A Modular Battery Centric Moto Mod with Solar Cell to Launch of February 5


Update: 2/4/2017

The company has now tweeted about the pricing of the Module. 

  • The first 50 Snap-Panel backers can get one for the reduced price of $35!
  • The first 100 Mico backers can get one for the reduced price of $45! That's over 20% off!
The indiegogo campaign will go live on 5th of Feb, you will be able to Pre-order the Module there. 

Article: 31/1/2017

Alright, here’s the news. As you might be aware of the fact that Motorola is betting big on the future of modular phones and Moto Mods especially, here comes another news about an upcoming Moto Mod to be launched on February 5.

We, at TechDroider, are exclusively reporting this news as Modularis Systems is working on a battery-centric Moto Mod, which will be dubbed as Mico. And, the Mico will be working on a different technology and will make sure that you won’t need to worry about the battery life on your Moto Z phone.

The Moto Mico will feature a 2200mAh battery cell, which is 75 percent more than the actual battery capacity of Moto Z. And, the unique characteristics of this cell is that: it is a solar cell, which means that it can be charged by keeping it under direct sunlight.

Having said that, the most interesting aspect is that, each solar cell can be detached from the Moto Mod and you can additionally add them depending upon your usage. Speaking more about this detachable solar cells, they will be called as ‘Snap-Panels’ with 1000mAh cell for every snap panel. Also, these snap panels are USB Type-C port compatible, which means that you can use them to charge any USB Type-C supported the phone.

That said, you don’t need a Mico Mod to use the Snap Panel as you can connect it to any smartphone with USB Type-C support.
With the Mico, you can charge other Moto Mods as well. Also, the Mico will arrive with mounting points so that you can attach the mod to your bag or shirt and that’s the enough easy way to charge the Mico.

According to the information we got, the Mico will be announced on February 5 with additional discounts for the first 100 buyers, maybe of 20 percent. Pricing for this mod has been revealed to be same as other Moto Mods available in the market right now. Also, each Snap Panel will additionally cost you.

The project website has been taken live already. You can follow up more about the project by visiting Indiegogo.


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