Google Pixel 2: What Features to Expect

Google Pixel 2: What Features to Expect


Google Pixel 2: What Features to Expect

Last year, Google gave us the first two Pixel Smartphones i.e. Pixel with 5" Display and Pixel XL with 5.5" Display, with some extra Artificial intelligence in the form of the fledgling Google Assistant. 

Both Google Pixel and Pixel XL were great devices but things like water resistance and an orignal design were left out because they ran out of time.

For 2017, Google has already decided and is all set to really show their vision for the highest-end Android phones. 

Here are Some expected features of Google Pixel 2nd Generation (AKA Google Pixel 2017) -

Snapdragon 835 processor - Qualcomm has already announced it's top-tier mobile processor which will be powering flagship devices this year including the Note 8, S8 and 2017 Google Pixel Devices.

Dual Camera - Google Pixel and Pixel XL are probably the best Camera Smartphones of the year 2016. In 2017 Google might implement dual-camera setup to make Google Pixel 2nd Generation the best Camera smartphone.

QHD Display - Google might upgrade the Pixel smartphone display from 1080 x 1920p to 1440 x 2560p, making the display at level with the Pixel XL.

Water Resistant - 2016 Google Pixel were not Water resistant, but in 2017 Google wants your phone to be there for you, even in less-than-ideal conditions. Water resistant feature will keep your Google Pixel phone safe from splashes and drops in water. 

What features you expect in 2017 Google Pixel Phones? Share your thoughts below!

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