"Timewave" Moto Mod will add "5D touch" to the Moto Z

"Timewave" Moto Mod will add "5D touch" to the Moto Z


The Motorola Moto Z was one of the most innovative Smartphone of the year 2016. Being modular, Moto Z is designed to accommodate add-on modules that snap to the back of their cases. 

From a Simple Style Case to a Pico Projector, Moto Mods can be attached to the back of Moto Z, Moto Z force or Moto Z Play via magnetic pins.

Now, a company named "Esper" is working on a new Moto Mod called "Timewave". This futuristic Module can add additional functionalities to your Moto Z phones. 

Pressing a button on Moto Mod can launch meditation, a 60 second stretch timer, log that you drank water, and much more. The back is a '5D' touch surface that enable custom actions, such as:

  • Launch app
  • Navigate home
  • Activate voice control
  • Scrub through video
  • Scroll through page,
  • Share
  • Use as a keyboard to play music!
  • and more...
The next stage in human evolution, joining with our digital souls: Esper (Follow this project at Tryesper)

Source: Reddit

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