Google is Now Asking Users Opinion on Pixel's Design

Google is Now Asking Users Opinion on Pixel's Design


In 2016 we saw some incredible decisions taken by some of the reputed companies over the globe. One such decision that stands out from every other is that Google releasing their own smartphones. The Google Pixel phones were the search giant's first attempt to take on the Apple iPhone. 

And, they succeeded in doing that. The Pixel XL is widely regarded as the best smartphone of 2016 and best camera smartphone of all time. However, as the same case with every other smartphone, the both the Pixels were criticized for their poor design language. 

And now, Krishna Kumar, Product Lead for Pixel phones at Google himself came out and posted in Google forums asking about the good and bad things about Pixel's design. That's such a nice thing from the man himself who leads the team. 

That said, Google is already looking at the next generation Pixel phone, the Pixel 2. So, head over the below provided URL and give your thoughts to make the Pixel 2 better. 

Google Product Forms


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