LG Teases the LG G6's UI in a New Video

LG Teases the LG G6's UI in a New Video


The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 is around the corner and almost every smartphone brand will be looking forward to announce their product at the mega tech show. One such brand is South Korean giant, LG. 

LG already confirmed that they will be launching their flagship phone, the LG G6 at the MWC event on February and now, the company has teased the smartphone's UI in a new video. 

The video reveals that the G6 will have an unusual display and LG is adding tweaks to the OS with which users can make most of the wide display. 

Also, we are expecting the UI to be LG UX 6.0 as the LG V20 came out with LG UX 5.5 with several additions and we are hoping the same with the G6 as well. 


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