Five of the Best Technological Tools for Franchise Owners

Five of the Best Technological Tools for Franchise Owners


Five of the Best Technological Tools for Franchise Owners

As a franchise owner — or someone who is considering purchasing a franchise — you probably already understand the importance of purchasing a business that offers great products, outstanding customer service and has a great reputation.

While a great team of employees and a terrific product can certainly help make an individual franchise more successful, as a franchise owner you want to do whatever you can to give your business a boost. Fortunately, with the help of several technological tools and gadgets, you can help your franchise stand out among the competition. Check out the following ideas for doing just that:

Invest in a Great Smartphone

Being a successful franchise owner means being able to stay in touch with your employees and customers at all times, even when you are away from the store, as well as being able to check invoices, bank statements and other company information online. A great way to make this possible is to invest in a state-of-the-art smartphone with a large battery and other helpful features. For example, the ZTE ZMAX Pro is a terrific option; its powerful 1.5 GHz octa-core processor and 32GB of internal memory will help you quickly and easily access needed info, and the long battery life means you won’t have to worry about calls cutting off mid-stream. The phone also includes a fingerprint sensor to help keep all of your franchise’s sensitive info private and secure.

A Property Locator

In order to be a successful franchise owner, you have to keep tabs on your company’s stuff, including keys, business phones and more. Since multiple employees will be handling these items, it can be easy for them to go missing. Thanks to the TrackR Bravo item locator, misplacing important items will be a thing of the past. The attachable disc, which is about the size of a quarter, can be placed on a key ring, a company phone, a folder with important sales reports — anything that you need to keep track of. Then, if the misplaced item is within 100 feet of your phone, you can easily locate it with an app and Bluetooth signal. If it’s farther away, the TrackR Bravo device can still be tracked using other TrackRs as a collective cloud.

A Video Doorbell

Depending on the hours that your franchise is open for business, there might be times when a single employee arrives extra early or late. Help keep your valuable and hard-working employees on staff by reassuring them that you have their safety in mind, and purchase a Ring Video Doorbell; the tech gadget features a wide-angled HD video system that comes equipped with night vision — this way, if someone is working late inside your store and the back doorbell rings or someone knocks, Ring will let him or her see who it is and decide if it’s okay to open the door.

Computer-based Efficiency Tools

In addition to tech devices, a number of apps and programs can help give your franchise a needed boost. For example, Google Drive is a handy program that will allow you to store all of your franchise’s information anywhere — including on the web or a business computer hard drive. You can also access all of the info from a mobile device, which is handy when meeting with other franchisees or company bigwigs, or when attending a trade show and you need to pull up company data. Another handy computer-based tech tool is called Act!; this contact and customer manager helps franchise owners easily organize details about their clients, increase their productivity and get better results.


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