5 Ways Technology is Changing the Baseball Experience

5 Ways Technology is Changing the Baseball Experience


Baseball is embracing innovative technologies to improve the fan experience, and also encourage younger views to embrace the national pastime. Although football seems to hold the majority backing of technological advancements, baseball is seemingly following suit. Therefore, there are now new and exciting technologies that are transforming the game, such as the top five listed below.

Virtual Reality

MLB Advanced Media does so much more than simply produce the baseball league’s TV channels and streaming. It is also a video game and virtual headset developer. Fans can, therefore, step inside a baseball game and feel firsthand what it is like to be their athletic celebrities. Additionally, fans can develop their baseball skills without having to step onto an actual pitch.

Baseball Simulation

If you really want to feel like a player, you should look no further than the free baseball simulation games. The online and PC technology offers the multiple fantasy baseball game, with over 4,000 players to choose from in the line-up. It is undoubtedly one of the most realistic baseball games you can play, from the weather conditions through to the attention to detail of the parks and players. How often do you get to have Willie Mays or Ted Williams in your lineup?

Artefacts and Technology Exhibition

Fans can immerse themselves into the world of baseball with the Hall of Fame tour, which is a travelling exhibition that showcases the history of baseball through artefacts and technology. Therefore, baseball lovers can learn more about the stories and stars that have created the history of the sport, which will be shown through various technologies like iPads. Make sure to see the artefacts up close, such as Yogi Berra’s mitt worn during the Don Larsen’s Perfect Game in 1956, as well as Bobby Thomson’s bat in the 1952 walk-off home run. There’s also the ball Babe Ruth hit in the final home run of his career, way back in 1935.

Internet Access

No other stadium in the world can compare to the PacBell Park, as it is the first Major Baseball League in the world offering internet kiosks with strict internet access at the ballparks. The free internet has been installed on three levels of the stadium, which allows fans to use social media, send and receive emails, and browse baseball statistics. It has been coined a part museum and part high-tech showplace, as fans can also enjoy interactive nostalgia footage.

Innovative Scoreboards

Head to the Mariners’ new Seattle park, Safeco Field, and you cannot help but notice the innovative scoreboard that is a whopping 56 feet tall and 190 foot wide. Not only that, but it has a high-resolution LED screen. Sounds good, right? Well, unlike other fields, fans can also experience another ten smaller scoreboards across the park.

What makes these boards stand out is the fact that they can automatically record and report the pitch speed, as well as the type of pitch. It is, without a doubt, one of the most forward-thinking ballparks in the United States.

While technology has usually fallen behind the likes of basketball and football in recent years; baseball is seemingly undergoing a digital transformation. We can only expect more technological advancements in the future, which will ensure many more fans embrace the historic national sport.

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