A Moto X Style user upgraded his device to 4GB of RAM

A Moto X Style user upgraded his device to 4GB of RAM


Launched back in 2015, the Moto X Style packs 3GB RAM and comes with 32GB Storage. Think 3GB of RAM or 32GB Internal memory is too low for a Smartphone like Moto X Style in 2017? How about 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage?

In particular, a Moto X Style user "Gopimfam" from China made it possible to upgrade the RAM as well as the Internal storage of the Moto X Style. The user has also uploaded some images showing the Moto X Style (XT1570) running with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal storage.

A couple of weeks ago, a Nexus 5X user reportedly upgraded his Smartphone's RAM from 2GB to 4GB. Accordingly, Local companies in China will happily upgrade your RAM, all the way up to 4GB, for up to CNY 400 ($60). If you don’t want to go up to 4GB, you can upgrade to 3GB for a low price.

Obviously, this isn’t something everyone would be able to do, but if you are absolutely in love with your Smartphone and want to keep it going for next few years, something like this could certainly help with that. This is likely a practice that won’t take off in your country in any real capacity, but for those that can make it to the China, and don’t mind voiding their warranty, it’s a quick and cheap option to upgrade the RAM available in your device pretty quickly.


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