Benefits of 3D printing

Benefits of 3D printing


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Technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. It serves us and will continue to do so in unimaginable ways. The progressions in technology has introduced 3D printing in the industry. We are properly aware of the traditional printing technology and the world has benefited from it tremendously. 3D printing is a massive elevation in the traditional technology. It has the ability to produce three-dimensional objects which can further be used in several ways. 

3D printing can be used anywhere from packaging industries to medication purposes. Here are some benefits listed which will give you a better idea about 3D printing;


This is surprisingly the most important benefit 3D printing offers. Technology is getting cheaper as it advances. Manufacturers have made sure to keep the innovations as affordable as they can. Similar is the case with 3D printers. They even prove to be less  expensive than creating parts through traditional machining. For instance, making 3D surgical tools can be relatively cheaper than purchasing stainless steel counterparts. 
Even the prosthetics are cheaper than traditional ones. So in general, 3D printing is much more affordable. 

Quick production

Conventional prototype manufacturing requires tooling and manufacturing. You will have to individually pay for man power and other relevant equipment. These add to the extra costs. Even the complete process takes considerable amount of time. Even you will have to remodel the prototype each and every time. Experiencing the struggle is pretty annoying. With traditional prototyping, maintaining a business is also difficult due to high consumption of time. When it comes to 3D printing, they consume no time. Once you are done with the design, print it. The process is also free of irrelevant and undesired interferences. This let you spend time on recommended tasks enhancing productivity. 

Easily customizable

Massive production is required in industries’ manufacturing process. This means that all products are going to be of same type and shape. If you want to add much more personalization and customization, consider 3D printing. You can meet your needs by changing a bit of prototype. Customizing 3D printers are widely used in medical and dental industries. It will allow you to customize according to the demands without incurring additional costs. In this way people can be unique especially when it comes to fashion industry. 

Production of new shapes

The traditional industry relies on molding and trimming technology to generate the shape they desire. The process requires a lot of effort and is pretty difficult to achieve. 3D printing makes this easy. The nozzle of 3D printers can build infinite amount of shapes no matter how complex the figure is. It even enhances the integrity of structure. In fact, 3D printing is even used to manufacture furniture. There are countless possibilities when it comes to 3D printing. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. 


Diversity is one of the benefits this facility offers. Mixing diverse raw materials can be costly in terms of money when it comes to mass production. It is even difficult to mix the physical and chemical properties of different objects in conventional methods. 3D printing has made several progressions in this specific area. 3D printing can use a variety of material like glass, plastic, paper and gold. There are other varieties of materials as well. With a range of materials in your hand you can achieve anything. Lix 3D pens provides the same diversity. 

Environmental friendly

A lot of focus is laid upon sustainable development these days. Industries must take the sustainability factor into account before producing something. 3D printing is an ideal option in such scenarios. It is highly energy-efficient producing less waste. Traditional methods produces a lot of junk which is generally not useful. The object created through 3D printers are also lighter and sturdy at the same time. Less the waste is produce, lower the impacts are on atmosphere. 


3D printing has gained recognition in the past few years. Now more people are getting access to the facility. This technology can impact the notion of consumerism largely. With easy accessibility, these printers as well as pens are available widely in the market in a variety of price range. 

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