Here is What Motorola Innovated in the Last 44 Years [Infographic]

Here is What Motorola Innovated in the Last 44 Years [Infographic]


Motorola, who introduced the world's first portable cellular telephone and system 44 years ago has been around with us for 88 long years. On April 3, 1973, Motorola demonstrated the portable cellular telephone and since then, the company invented so many things. 

Motorola back in 1970's introduced the DYNATAC based cellular telephone that has an antenna line for receiving the cellular signals. Later in 1990s, the company came out with 'STARTAC', which was the world' smallest and lightest mobile device at that time. 

In 2000s, Motorola introduced the iconic Razr V3, which was the first mobile phone to be made up of aluminum. And recently, the company has unveiled the Moto Z series of phones with swappable back panels called as Moto Mods, which is a huge hit. 

Going into the future, Motorola is promising extremely high updates in the battery, design, materials, and modularity in the phones. 


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