Google Fuchsia OS Will Not Replace Android Says Google

Google Fuchsia OS Will Not Replace Android Says Google


Remember the Fuchsia OS, which we wrote two weeks ago? The ambiguous new mobile and tablet OS is said to replace Android when it becomes fully functional because it is built on Google's own kernel Magenta, rather than Linux. 

Back in September 2016, Google was rumoured to be working on the Fuchsia OS, and two weeks ago, the OS was leaked online. Since then, there is a lot of buzz going on around the internet claiming that it will replace Android. 

However, that's not the case says Dave Burke, Google VP of Engineering Android. He contends that the project is still in its nascent stages and also stated that it will be independent of Andriod. Expect the OS to power some low-cost devices out there.

Here is what Dave Burke has to say about the Fuchsia OS: 

"How do you spell Fuchsia? Fuchsia is a[n] early stage experimental project. We, you know, we actually have lots of cool early projects at Google. I think what's interesting here is its open source, so people can see it and comment on it. Like lots of early stage projects it's gonna probably pivot and morph. There's some really smart people on it, people we've worked with who are great. and so [it's] kind of exciting to see what happens. But it's definitely a diff-- sort of independent project to android. and yeah, that's basically it."-Dave Burke,VP of engineering for Android, Google

So, it's now confirmed that Fuchsia OS is not a threat to Android, which would be a huge relief for many fanboys out there.  


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