Google's 'Fuchsia' OS Under Development; Now Has a New Functional UI

Google's 'Fuchsia' OS Under Development; Now Has a New Functional UI


From the past few years, it was regularly rumoured that Google is building its own operating system that is not based on Linux called as Fuchsia. Instead, the Fuchsia OS will be based on the search giant's own kernel 'Magenta.' 

Back in August 2016, the Fuchsia OS was just a command line, and now, it has a wild user interface with a card-based design, claims Ars Technica. The UI was first spotted by Kyle Bradshaw at Hotfix, and the interface servicing the default system UI for Fuchsia will be called as Armadillo. 

Armadillo and other Fuchsia apps are built on Google Flutter SDK, and the apps can be used on any platform- Android or iOS or Fuchsia OS. As you can see in the video above, the Fuchsia OS may support both smartphones and tablets. The OS might be an entire card-based UI.

The video also shows that the cards can be aligned with each other to use it as a multi-window mode and yeah, there are Google Now suggestions as well. 

There's no info on why the Fuchsia even exist? Is Google planning to replace Android and Chrome OS with Fuchsia? There might be something about the new OS at the Google I/O 2017 event due to commence next week. 


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