OnePlus 5 leaked in live image, yet again

OnePlus 5 leaked in live image, yet again


It's not that we haven't seen real-life images of the upcoming OnePlus 5, but a new leak has surfaced that probably gives you the another view of the flagship's rear.

We previously covered a leak by AndroidAuthority where the dual camera setup and antenna lines was clearly shown however this new leak has a very different story to tell. The below image shows that there are no antenna lines and the flash is now located between the dual camera lens. 
OnePlus 5 Again Leaked in Live Image
Recently, we got an official news from OnePlus about its upcoming flagship phone, the OnePlus 5. A staff member of OnePlus in OnePlus forums has said that the OnePlus 5's camera will be built in collaboration with the camera authority-DxO.

There has been a lot of confusion about the camera setup on OnePlus 5. The confusion was all about the camera design of the phone, but not the implementation. OnePlus 5 may get two camera sensors at the back, which may be the same setup as the iPhone 7 Plus. One sensor will capture standard shots, while the other sensor will capture zoomed shots.

Source: Weibo


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