OnePlus One explodes while charging

OnePlus One explodes while charging


OnePlus One explodes while charging
After the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung took a huge step with its batteries that might prevent fires and explosions. It's time for all manufacturers to follow Samsung and implement battery protection to their upcoming Smartphones. 

Recently a OnePlus One user reported that his device exploded while charging, causing property damage and giving him a second degree burn on his left arm. It's good to see that a OnePlus representative immediately reached out to the original poster via the forum, and the OP replied that he has submitted a support ticket.

The user has uploaded several images and a video showing severe burn marks on his several body parts. You can check the Images and Video from the below forum (Source) link (CAUTION: Images might be disturbing).

Well, my OnePlus One exploded while charging this morning. Almost set my house on fire. The explosion set pillow and blanket on fire as well as carpet....... I got second degree burn on my left arm and lucky no injury on my face..... I'm still in shock... u see the news but it's a totally different experience in real life. Support ticket submitted. I was told by online CS that a specialist will contact me soon. What should I do? Does this happen before? - Says the OnePlus forum user "slr722gts" 

Source: OnePlus Forum (May 1, 2017)


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