Recent Leaks Suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will be Built around Dual Rear Cameras

Recent Leaks Suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will be Built around Dual Rear Cameras


Recent Leaks Suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will be Built around Dual Rear Cameras
If you’re a fan of the Samsung tablets, you’ll love what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 supposedly has on offer. In recent leaks, it’s reported that the Note 8 will contain dual rear cameras to give the tablet an edge over its competitors. Whether this is true or not we’re not sure, but the tablet looks like it’s going to be available in August this year, a year after the Note 7 became available. The popular Android-based tablets are sure to be a hit this year with many new features and better functionality available.

Samsung Appear Confident After Latest Tablet Releases

It is clear Samsung developers are becoming increasingly confident in their tablet developments because of how well-thought of their recent releases of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ were. Samsung are becoming much better developers and are learning from their previous models. They seem to be the developers trying new things to better a user’s experience. It’s unknown if the dual rear cameras are a reality, but given how far Samsung have come on with their handsets and tablets in recent years, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Samsung Will Forget About Their Note 7 Disaster

It’s no surprise that Samsung had a nightmare on their hands when they released the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. It was a tablet that failed in all aspects and there were numerous reports of devices that had battery problems and even exploded. It was up to Samsung to recall thousands and make sure the next release was going to make up for it. Samsung has well and truly put this release firmly back in their minds and they will be looking for the Note 8 to give them back the reputation they deserve.

It’s Not All Good News for Samsung Fans

Fans will love to hear the leaks contain feature lists for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but they will hate to hear it won’t have Android O. It appears Samsung are testing their new device on Android 7.1.1, and that means when Google release their latest version of Android O, Samsung probably aren’t going to take advantage of it. Further reports suggest the new tablet will be released before Android O, which will back up that rumor.

Will the Galaxy Note 8 Have the Same Problems as the Note 7?

Samsung will be hoping they’ve solved all battery issues from their last release of the Samsung Note 7. Many students studying for their masters in computer science online using an online masters computer science program will be hoping for the same. Developers generally don’t make the same mistakes twice and many fans will be hoping for a better version of the tablet this time around.

It’s still not 100% certain what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will consist of, but if recent leaks are true, it will have the dual rear cameras that all tablet fanatics are craving for – and plenty of other features for tablet owners to enjoy.


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