Report: Google reaches 1.8 Million in Pixel sales

Report: Google reaches 1.8 Million in Pixel sales


Google had a promising start to their own smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL impressing everyone right from day one. According to new reports from BayStreet Researchers, Google has sold close to 1.8 million Pixels since it launched nearly eight months ago.

The Pixel and Pixel XL were the best phones of 2016, but getting a hand on one of them was difficult as the phones were already out of stock. The report also states that around 475,000 Google Pixel devices were sold in the second quarter of the year 2017 (which ends on June 30th.)

Google is already looking for the next generation Pixel phones, As per earlier rumors Google is investing an amount that is close to $1 billion to develop OLED panels and if this rumor is believed to be true and if LG accepts the deal, we don't have to face any availability issues with the upcoming Pixel 2 flagship phone and the sales will apparently surpass the current numbers.


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