Motorola patents Smartphone with Self-healing Smart Display

Motorola patents Smartphone with Self-healing Smart Display


We've seen Motorola doing wonders with the Shatterproof Display. Now, the company is potentially working on a Smartphone with self-repairing display, reveals a patent turned up by Patently Motorola.

Motorola's diagram showcase a Smartphone which uses thermal energy to cure and heal the shattered display. 

Once Shattered, All you have to do is just open the Repair Application and select the damaged area on its external smart glass. Once selected, the FASCIA healing process will start repairing your Smartphone.
Wondering how it works? Well, the heat from the phone applied to the smart glass trigger the smart glass’s shape memory properties and the smart glass would reverse the damage.

However, Motorola says that this new technology won't repair every crack perfectly. The smart glass can reverse the damage to least some deformation. Thoughts?

Via: Slashgear


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