September security patch rolling out to Moto G4 Plus in India

September security patch rolling out to Moto G4 Plus in India


September security patch rolling out to Moto G4 Plus in India
The Moto G4 Plus (retin) is now getting the latest September Security patch with Stability Improvement and Bug fixes.

If you own a Moto G4 Plus in India you should have received the over-the-air update notification for September Security Patch, and it's crucial that you download it, as it brings along the fix for the critical BlueBorne Bluetooth attack.

The Blueborne vulnerability was discovered only recently. It’s a Bluetooth vulnerability that leaves Android devices open to a potential takeover by hackers. The vulnerability is also present in Windows, Linux and some iterations of iOS. Note that the device still runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat after the update.

Armis Reported that the BlueBorne spread through the air (airborne) and attacks devices via Bluetooth. Armis has also disclosed eight related zero-day vulnerabilities, four of which are classified as critical. BlueBorne allows attackers to take control of devices, access corporate data and networks, penetrate secure “air-gapped” networks, and spread malware laterally to adjacent devices. Armis reported these vulnerabilities to the responsible actors, and is working with them as patches are being identified and released.

September Android security update also resolves 30 issues dated 2017-09-01, and 51 issues in the one dated 2017-09-05. Vulnerabilities range from moderate to critical, and Google particularly notes that it provides "Android partners with the flexibility to more quickly fix a subset of vulnerabilities that are similar across all Android devices."

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The September Android security update for the Moto G4 Plus comes with build no. NPJS25.93-14-10. For a successful installation, the battery in your phone should be at least 50% charged and your device should be connected to a Wi-Fi network or LTE. If you haven't got the notification of this new software update yet, Just go to Settings - About Phone - Software updates, and It will automatically start downloading the latest update. The update will take around 10-15 minutes to get Installed on your device. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page to get the first News.


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