This Pixel 2 concept is the phone we want Google to build

This Pixel 2 concept is the phone we want Google to build


In 2016 we saw some incredible decisions taken by some of the reputed companies over the globe. One such decision that stands out from every other is that Google releasing their own smartphones. The Google Pixel phones were the search giant's first attempt to take on the Apple iPhone.

And, they succeeded in doing that. The Pixel XL is widely regarded as the best smartphone of 2016 and best camera smartphone of all time. However, as the same case with every other smartphone, the both the Pixels were criticized for their poor design language and lack of waterproofing.

Now, Designer R.Batinic has come up with an exciting new concept of Google's next flagship.The phone’s fingerprint scanner is placed on the back, just like current Google Pixel. It has a dual camera setup at the rear. If you take a closer look at the phone’s front, you’ll also notice that it has tiny top and chin bezel, which makes device beautiful.

Well, before we actually dive into it, you should know that there is a 0% chance this is what Google's Pixel will look like in 2017. Maybe less than 0%. That said, it’s still fun to imagine what it would be like to use an Google Pixel like this, and the possibilities are endless.

Credits: R.Batinic


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