OnePlus 5T cancelled in favour of OnePlus 6

OnePlus 5T cancelled in favour of OnePlus 6


There's no denying the fact that OnePlus is working on next generation Smartphone. Already there are couple of leaks speculating the release of the next OnePlus device.

Back in June, during AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on Reddit, OnePlus revealed that they're considering moving the fingerprint scanner on the back for its next-gen Smartphone. This means that the OnePlus 6 may feature a fingerprint sensor on the back, and technically this will also allow OnePlus to implement the bezel-less display or something like LG G6 to the front.

Additionally, OnePlus also said that their next-gen Smartphone might cost more than $800. OnePlus could have implemented a bezel-less display to the OnePlus 5, but due to lack of resources, the OnePlus 5 uses the same screen as the OnePlus 3T. However, the OnePlus 5 is one of the best Mid-range Smartphone you can get with top-notch specs.

Now, According to the latest rumors OnePlus might skip the OnePlus 5T in favor of OnePlus 6 which is scheduled to release in early 2018 because according to OnePlus there's nothing much for a T version to upgrade.

We already know that Qualcomm isn’t working on any new chipset scheduled to release this year, and this could be a major reason why OnePlus is skipping the OnePlus 5T this year.

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