Check if your Motorola Smartphone is eligible for latest Security Patch

Check if your Motorola Smartphone is eligible for latest Security Patch


If you own a Motorola Smartphone, you can now check whether your device will continue receiving the latest Security Updates. Motorola has updated it's software support page with the list of its devices that will officially get upcoming Security Patches and this list includes the devices that have been released by the company in the recent times as well as it also includes some devices that have been a little older.

It would be better if Motorola provides actual EOL dates on it's support page. Anyway, we now know specifically which Motorola device is eligible for security updates.

Complete list of Motorola devices getting Android Security Patches [US Only]

Hey everyone.

Many of you know that it's our policy to provide information about what updates an owner can expect, but no delivery dates. We've learned from experience that missing a date (or actually hitting one exactly, believe it or not) opens us up to far more criticism than if we simply don't provide an update in the first place.

In the US, our Software Upgrade News Page will show if a phone is continuing to get security updates, and this phone is certainly still getting them. (Not sure what the schedule is for providing this information on the Software Upgrade News Pages in other regions and countries.)

So, at the risk of something showing up during testing, or some other roadblock, I will say that we expect a security update in December. The update includes the Blueborne patches available when we began development. (Just covering here, in case a new batch of patches is issued. It's happened.)

I'd also like to reinforce some of the messages posted by other owners; namely that there are no actual known Blueborne attacks. I'd just wish for your own peace of mind that you don't worry too much as it doesn't appear as if a threat is imminent.

Not sure the above information will satisfy but wanted to at least give some guidance. (Hope I don't regret it!)

- Matt //Lenovo Forum

Motorola Software Support Page


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