Android 8.0 on Moto X4: Moto Launcher gets Dark Theme Option

Android 8.0 on Moto X4: Moto Launcher gets Dark Theme Option


Here are the Full Moto X4 and Z2 Force Oreo Update Release Notes
Motorola's Moto X4 and Moto Z2 Force are two of their best phones of 2017. Recently Motorola started pushing Android 8.0 Oreo update to both of them. The update has already started rolling out in India, Brazil, US, and other countries. The update is a big one, though, and there are tons of new features.

Because this is Oreo and also Motorola's lightly touched version of Android, it appears that we’re getting the full Android 8.0 experience here. From Picture-in-Picture Mode, to Notificiation Dots from Google Pixel, there is a lot to take in. Additionally, Motorola has added several new features and enhacement from their side.

Recently a Moto X4 user on Reddit (u/wkrick) found that the new Moto Launcher now has a "Dark Theme" option which can be enabled from the Launcher settings. The Dark Theme mode on Moto Launcher basically turns the white background to dark.

As you can see in the below Image, after enabling the Dark Theme, folder background and app drawer turns dark. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page to get the first News.


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