Dragon Ball Super - Episode 129 Extended Preview

Dragon Ball Super - Episode 129 Extended Preview


The fifth anime in the beloved Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end. Unexpectedly, the Anime started back in 2015 and whose development made it predict that Goku, Vegeta and company would return every Sunday for several years, will end soon.

Consequently, After the last episode, 128, the Univerce 7 team have, respectively, two warriors in competition, Goku and Frieza.

The fate of Univerce 7 is on Goku and According to the Episode 129 preview (Shown at the last of Episode 128), Son would hit Ultra Instinct again.

Even though we'd usually get an episode on Sundays, February 25th being the day it was supposed to air, however, due to some reason, the Episode 129 would hit on first week of March. Well, there's no need to be sad, because we have bonus Episode 129 Preview / Trailer for you guys.

Cheers Terez, Herms and Rmehedi


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