9 Inexpensive Tech Updates for Summer 2018

9 Inexpensive Tech Updates for Summer 2018


What’s new in tech for summer 2018? As we all know, technology advances ultra-fast these days, with a new model released of a brand’s flagship product pretty much once per year. This renders your devices outdated pretty quickly, and it can be an expensive habit to constantly try to keep up with new models. 

Luckily, there are ways to keep ahead of new tech without buying a slightly updated gadget every single year. Because let’s face it, the new updates are only usually a gadget that does the same function as the last, but with a scarcely better camera and a new charger port. Below we’ve listed ways you can enjoy the latest technological modernizations without splashing out potentially thousands on gadgets and gizmos.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are getting easier on the wallet and more and more high-tech. Below are our top picks for under $150:

  • Amazon Echo Spot – There has been multiple iterations of the Amazon Echo now, but the brand-new Spot is under $130 and is a much more stylish update for screened speakers after the Echo Show. The spherical speaker can become a clock display, act as a baby monitor or home surveillance device, show album artwork and lyrics when playing music, and more. 
  • Google Home Mini – This tiny and very cheap (under $50) mini home speaker can do practically everything a larger one can but plugs into your phone. This means it’s fully portable, so you can take it between home and work. 
  • Harman Kardon Invoke – This $100 speaker is powered by Microsoft’s Cortana assistant and is a cool 360-degree conical shape that will provide a focal point in your rooms. It’s smart home system compatible, can make hands-free calls, and will tell you your calendar along with many other functions. 

Echo Buttons

These nifty little buttons are compatible with most Amazon Echo models and are a gameplay add-on. For $20, they’re the perfect after-dinner entertainment for a night in with friends.

PowerbankPhone Case

We all know the importance of a protective phone case, and many of us have come to rely on portable power banks when we’re out and about to prevent our crummy iPhone batteries from dying on us. It’s mostly been the case until now that you have to choose between style and functionality when it comes to protecting your phone. Well, one iPhone case brand has turned this all on its head.

Introducing stylish, hard-wearing phone cases with in-built powerbanks – three in one! They’re super protective, come in a range of on-trend patterns (glitter, marble, metallic), and store between 60-100% of a full iPhone charge within the case itself. No need to carry around a separate heavy powerbank. You can get them at Casely now.

Acer Iconia One Tablet

A powerful little tablet with 2GB storage – perfect for students and those who need a portable wi-fi enabled device onthego. Priced at $125, it won’t break the bank and comes with all the features you’ll need. It has a webcam, speaker, Bluetooth, microphone, camera, and memory card slot for extra storage. With great reviews, this is the perfect inexpensive tablet for anyone in the market for an iPad alternative.

Instant Cameras

Vintage polaroid-style cameras that print out pictures there-and-then have made a big comeback. Here’s our top pick of the latest models:

  • Polaroid Snap – Straight from the original brand, the Polaroid Snap can be snapped up for an affordable $82. It’s cute, ergonomically-packaged and produces stunning rectangular instant pictures. 
  • Instax Mini 9 – For $55 on Amazon, these make a great treat for yourself or gift for someone else. The Instax Mini 9 features a number of different modes, and there are heaps of add-ons you can buy, like rainbow-colored film and pastel lenses. 
  • Polaroid Pop – Slightly over-budget at $199, we had to include this camera for its amazing features. This instant camera has a touch-screen display – no more looking through viewfinders for your instant pictures – and you can use the screen to draw doodles and write on the photos before printing! Definitely one to add to your Christmas list.

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