OnePlus: Let's talk about OnePlus 6 Screen!!!

OnePlus: Let's talk about OnePlus 6 Screen!!!


OnePlus on their Official OnePlus forum explained "Why the OnePlus 6 would feature a notch" and they also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the OnePlus 6 top notch.
By now, most of you are aware that our next device will feature a cut-out near the top of the display, popularly known as a “notch”. A fiery debate has sparked online, so we wanted to give you guys some insight into our rationale behind this product decision.
According to OnePlus, notch is company’s way of providing more screen real estate to buyers. Through the notch, the company can free up a considerable amount of space near the top of the display, absorbing the notification and status icons.

OnePlus 6's notch measures 19.616mm by 7.687mm and it occupies a minimal amount of space in the top-center part of the display.

At last OnePlus said that their focus is to deliver the biggest and best screen, without compromising on the technology you love. Here are the FAQs that OnePlus answered:

Will the notch cut off my notifications if the status bar reaches a certain width?
OxygenOS will be optimized to work alongside the notch, ensuring you will always be able to view and access all of your notifications.

The notch cuts into the display, so the actual display size is smaller!
You actually get more screen. Thanks to the notch, we have managed to significantly increase our screen-to-body ratio. It’s like booking an airplane seat with extra leg room, which is used to absorb the clock and status bar.

If you’re integrating the front-facing camera, receiver, and LED light in the notch, why do you still need a chin?
A ribbon found at the bottom of each display connects the display to the internal hardware. This connection in itself demands the use of a bottom bezel. Our goal is to maximize the amount of real estate available to the user. So, we decided to reduce the size of the top bezel. The result is the largest viewable area we have ever produced.

The notch ruins my ability to enjoy movies and games. Can’t you block out the notch through software?
We understand the need to tailor your experience to your personal preferences. That’s why we have a compatibility mode on our next device. By setting this mode to individual apps, you are able to black out the sides of the notch when in landscape mode. We have tested compatibility mode with the 1000 most popular apps in the Play Store, and it works wonderfully.


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