OnePlus 6 Owners Reporting Rear Glass Cracks

OnePlus 6 Owners Reporting Rear Glass Cracks


OnePlus 6 Owners Reporting Rear Glass Cracks
OnePlus 6 is one of the strongest smartphones currently on the market, but its elegant design may be vulnerable to spontaneous cracking. According to reports from various OnePlus 6 owners, the rear glass near the phone's volume buttons can shatter easily, even with little to no provocation.

Images of OnePlus 6 with cracked rear glass first popped up on the OnePlus subreddit. User Southernboyj claimed that the rear glass broke by itself. Other OnePlus 6 owner Kannahayabusa12 responded with an image of his OnePlus 6 shattered from the same spot.

r/OnePlus | u/Southernboyj (Source: Reddit)

Hey guys, just an interesting post. I think the OnePlus 6 back Glass must be exceptionally weak. I've had my phone since launch day, and it's been in a OnePlus Sandstone case since Day 1.

I take it out of the case pretty frequently to clean it. Somehow in the last 24 hours the back Glass cracked without it even being dropped or subject to anything rigerous. It was Sunday so I was just at my house most of the day.

I found another poster on here who's Glass cracked in the same spot (from the volume rocker outward). Wonder if there's some kind of design flaw there?
OnePlus 6 Owners Reporting Rear Glass Cracks

r/OnePlus | u/Just_a_Barrel (Source: Reddit)

Hey all, I received my phone Friday along with the nylon case and I've been loving it ever since. I put the phone in the case the second I opened everything and haven't taken it out until today.

I was about to show off the glass back when I pulled the phone out to find that the back had cracked, alot:
OnePlus 6 Owners Reporting Rear Glass Cracks
It has only been dropped about 3 times because my daughter was watching YouTube videos, but it's only been from the height of the bed or below.

I thought the nylon case would be enough to prevent this but I guess not.

Does anyone know what I can do? I know the warranty only covers defects, so that's not an option. would a repair shop be able to get a replacement back for this?

r/OnePlus | u/Kannahayabusa12 (Source: Reddit)

I have the EXACT same crack in the EXACT same place. Never dropped it, always used the wooden case I bought with the device. Failed batch, perhaps?
OnePlus 6 Owners Reporting Rear Glass Cracks
The OnePlus 6's possible design flaw affects what is otherwise our favorite Android phone on the market. Thoughts?

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