4 Programs for Authors That Will Change How You Write

4 Programs for Authors That Will Change How You Write


Being an author is difficult. Perfecting the story you want to tell is a process, and mall and tedious things can make it happen slower than you want it to. 

Fortunately, there are programs created specifically for authors. These programs aim to help with the creation and completion of your work. To make your life easier, here’s a list of 4 programs that will help you improve your writing. Consider using a few to become the best author you can be!

1. Scrivener

Scrivener is the current cream of the crop when it comes to programs for authors. You can get this program through a one time purchase of around $45-$50 dollars. It’s like Word, but a souped-up and more author-centric version. Here are just a few things you can do with Scrivener:
  • Compile small docs into one big one easily 
  • Save documents as an ePub or Word doc 
  • Use templates designed for novels, screenplays, comics, scripts, etc. 
  • Crate character and scene sketches 
  • Storyboard your piece 
  • Store research files 
  • Set writing targets 
All these options give you an author’s dream tool belt. If you’re considering purchasing this program but are still on the fence, read a well-informed and thorough Scrivener review to help you decide.

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is like an old and reliable friend. Word is simple and easy to use, and that means easier writing. You might be a traditionalist or stick with what you know best, and that means using Microsoft Word as your word processing software.

While Word doesn’t have as many author-designed tools as Scrivener, it might be what you have or what you like. Luckily, Word still has plenty of features that are useful to an author.

In Word, you can create chapters and use them to navigate your document. You can also use their free book-writing template. It also has a spell and grammar check tool that you can use as you’re writing. Word might not be the most advanced, but it’s widely available. No matter what, you can always find ways to make Word work towards bettering your writing.

3. Grammarly

With the way education systems vary, not all of us are grammar experts. But, that shouldn’t stop you from being the best writer you can be! 

Grammarly is an app/browser extension you can purchase and download onto multiple platforms, including Microsoft Word and WordPress. If you fit Grammarly into your publishing budget, it’s bound to become one of your most trusted tools.

Grammarly has some amazing features that are bound to help you as an author. It checks your grammar in real time as you write. On top of that, experts have testified that it is incredibly accurate! If you’re a bit insecure about your grammar, or don’t have room in your budget for a line editor, consider Grammarly – it’s free!

4. Freedom

Freedom is a productivity app/extension that is designed to help you get as much writing done as possible. It’s easy to become distracted or disinterested when working, especially considering the popularity of social media. You might open a new tab to do “research” or get “inspiration” and the next thing you know you’ve spent two hours on Twitter.

Freedom was created to make sure that stops happening. Freedom offers multiple options to manage distractions, including a timer for how long you want to work, the ability to block specific websites, apps, and notifications, the option to block distractions on multiple devices, and more! If you struggle with keeping your attention on the piece that you’re writing, check out Freedom for help.

Creating is never easy, and it’s made even more difficult when technology is added in. Story building doesn’t exactly happen on pen and paper anymore. Luckily, using any one of these programs will help you become a better writer. So pick one, and see what you create!


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