Best Hard Drive Recovery Software

Best Hard Drive Recovery Software


We all have faced a problem in which data from our hard drive was lost. Either by downloading malware by mistake which corrupted the Hard drive and forced you to format as there was no choice of repair. Hard Drive being formatted accidentally or on purpose is not the main issue, but the data that was lost could have been of importance; that is why it is crucial to have it recovered somehow. If you've been a victim of your hard drive being formatted by accident or you mistakenly deleted some necessary data then do not fret as EaseUS data recovery software has got your back.

EaseUS is the best software on the internet for recovering data from a formatted hard drive. EaseUS is available for Windows and Mac OS, and it is a name of reliability when it comes to recovering items off formatted storage, albeit a formatted hard drive, sd card or USB drive.

It has a freeware trial version present so that you can try what you are buying so that you know what you’re getting into, but purchasing the EaseUS recovery software is worth every penny if you are wishful to recover your files that you’ve thought may have been lost forever.

EaseUS has the capability to recover image, audio, video, documents and email files with a variety of 1000+ formats indicating it can detect files over a broad range and of many variations. The user is to make sure to use EaseUS as soon as early as the hard drive was formatted as the backup is usually overwritten by new files that you may copy to the hard drive.

Recovering by EaseUS:

EaseUS is a very easy-to-use software, and you can recover formatted hard drive in a few basic steps which are as follows:

Step 1:

Download EaseUS from Here for your platform either windows or Mac OS.
Install it and turn it on.

Step 2:

Run a scan over your hard drive. It is based on a quick scan and deep scan.

Deep scan takes more time but recovers far more files as compared to the quick scan, but deep scan also takes more time as compared to the quick scan.

Step 3:

Select the files you want to recover and press recover while directing to a location where you want to save the recovered files.

Now sit back and let EaseUS do its magic.

In only three steps, you have successfully recovered all your lost files.


There is no worry of recovering formatted hard drives of their data, all thanks to EaseUS data recovery software which is the best recovery software out there and not only that, EaseUS has other useful features as well like sd card recovery, partition maker and RAW file converter. EaseUS data recovery software is an all in one package, which is worth every penny as the lost data can be of priceless importance.

There is no doubt EaseUS is the best data recovery software in the market with features next to none so it is the best and should be the primary choice of any user that is suffering to recover data off their formatted hard drive.

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