Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Looks Stunning

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Looks Stunning


Samsung is all set to announce the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus / Ultra next month. The Note lineup is popular for it's Boxy Design which looks super premium, and ofcourse you cannot miss the S-Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus gets a few differnces, like 6.4 inches Flat Display on Note 20, while there's 6.9" Curve in the Note 20 Plus. This time Samsung is using 120Hz LTOP  screen in the Note 20 Plus which you can use with max out 1440p resolution, it's not like the S20 Plus where the max resolution was 1080P for 120Hz. The Note 20, however, may use the 60Hz base panel which is quite disappointing.

Samsung is closing the gap between the S and Note lineup, only difference is Note's boxy design and the S-Pen. Below is your first 360 Spin Look to Galaxy Note 20 courtesy Evan Blass.

Samsung is again going with 108MP Camera in the Plus model paired with a Wideangle Sensor, and a Priscope 50X Zoom. The non-plus still use 12MP Sensor, and there's a Telephoto lens too.

Samsung may also launch new OneUI with some new and fine animations, there is IP68 Certification, 4500mAh on Note 20 Plus, and 4300mAh on Note 20, along with Super Fast Charging Speed. So over all, the Specifications and Design looks really really amazing.

Samsung is also adding new features to the S pen, you're gonna see faster response time with 120Hz new animations and interface.

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