OnePlus 9 to Support 8K at 30fps Video Recording

OnePlus 9 to Support 8K at 30fps Video Recording


So now that we've seen the inital design of OnePlus Next Flagship, let's move to the high-end Specifications it is coming with, and looks like we have a huge improvement there. Just wanna say OnePlus is not playing games anymore, they're bringing something huge upgrades to the table this time. It's not normal upgrade, this is a huge Improvement in their

SoWe can Exclusively Confirm both the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro will supports 8K Video Recording at 30fps. Right now no OnePlus Smartphones supports 8K at 30fps, even the Galaxy S20 series supports 8K at 24fps. Only a very few smartphones supports 8K at 30Fps right now. The Current Chipset 865 and upcoming CPU 875 5G do supports 8K at 30Fps, but the Camera sensor OnePlus is using right now the IMX586 is not capable of 8K video recording, even the IMX689 there's no confirmation if it can record 8K at 30Fps.

OFFICIALLY we've a few sensors which can do 8k at 30Fps and those are, Samsung's 108MP, The GW2 64MP, Omnivision OV48C which is there in the Mi 10 Ultra, and the Upcoming IMX 786 may support 8K at 30fps.There are some sensors and phones which upscales 4k or 6k, and make them 8k, but there are only a few which actually supports 8k at 30fps. No information on which sensor OnePlus is goonna use, but this do mean we're indeed getting a new and better Sensor which can do 8k at 30Fps with High Dynamic Range On.


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