Android 13 "T" codename leaked

Android 13 "T" codename leaked


(Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash)


While we are still waiting for the full release of Android 12 "S", which is currently in beta 3 and is expected to launch mid-august. There has been a leak for the Android 13's codename. 

Well, much to users surprise, Google stopped naming their Android version after Android 9 Pie. The previous Android 10 was simply referred to as Android Q and Android 11 as Android R. Although, while not publicly but Google used "Quince Tart" for Android 10 and "Red Velvet Cake" for Android 11 internally. 

With Android 12 named Snow Cone, Google is back on track with using dessert as android codenames. Now,as per a leak posted on Twitter by Mishaal Rahman, indicating that the Android 13 "T" will have the codename "Tiramisu". For the unknown, Tiramisu is a coffee-flavoured Italian dessert.


Now, the post also mention that codemane "Tiramisu" is used by Google internally. So, the public name for Android 13 may be something else.

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