It's OFFICIAL! The OnePlus 10 Pro Arrives January 2022

It's OFFICIAL! The OnePlus 10 Pro Arrives January 2022


It's OFFICIAL, OnePlus will be announcing the OnePlus 10 Pro next month that's January 2022. OnePlus plans to use the first batch of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SOC in the OnePlus 10 Series. OnePlus CEO says with the next Flagship Series will focus on user experience and our new software and hardware will efficiently with the 8 Gen 1 for max out Performance. So OnePlus is planning something big for The OnePlus 10.

Last month we saw the CAD Renders, Metal Models and Specifications of The OnePlus 10 Pro, and now here is the LIVE likely OFFICIAL Case of this new flagship confirming the Design. So you can see the case has 5 circular cut-out, Some Cameras, a led flash and a microphone, the case also got USB C protection. 

Now a huge news coming in, OnePlus is now an OFFICIAL sub brand of OPPO. OPPO at Qualcomm event says we plan to use the 8 Gen 1 CPU in both OnePlus and OPPO. The 8 Gen 1 is like really powerful and has Cortex X2 Main Core in CPU, there’s 30% Faster Adreno 730 GPU and 18 bit ISP, the SOC Support 8K HDR Video. The 9 Pro can do 8K without HDR, so in 10 Pro with new Sony 50MP Sensor, OnePlus is surely gonna enable HDR Option when shooting 8K Videos, yeah not to mention The OnePlus 10 Pro is gonna have a 32MP Selfie Shooter, so 4k front Videos are for sure coming.

Max J says, OnePlus is planning for a China exclusive launch and then after a few month they plan to launch it in the US, UK and India, which is quite shocking coz OnePlus always had Global launches for main flagship, but now with OPPO merge things can change.

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